PTE Preparation

About the PTE Test

The Pearson Test of English Academic, or better known as PTE, is a computerised test for non-native English speakers and in order to appear for a PTE test, candidates need to attend a secure Pearson test centre. The candidates are provided with a computer system and a headset where they must listen, read, and respond according to the questions provided in the test.

The test concludes for three hours, the course of the test being divided into three major categories, namely, speaking and writing (together), listening and reading. The candidate will come across twenty diverse question formats, ranging from multiple choice questions and essay writing to interpreting information.

The PTE Academic Exam incorporates real-life, day-to-day academic English, and hence, the candidates will be exposed to academic lectures along with charts and graphs. Candidates, in this exam, will come across a wide range of English speaking accents that they might encounter in the everyday life which can range from British and American accents to even non-native English accents and the candidates must listen, decipher, and respond to them.

Test Format:

Part 1: Speaking & Writing
(77-93 minutes)

  • Personal introduction round
  • Reading pieces out aloud
  • Repeating sentences
  • Describing images
  • Understanding and re-voicing lectures
  • Answering short question
  • Summarizing written text
  • Essay writing for which 20 mins will be denoted

Part 2: Reading
(32 - 41 minutes)

  • Filling in the blanks
  • Multiple choice questions answering
  • Re-arranging paragraphs

Part 3: Listening
(45-57 minutes)

  • Summarizing spoken test
  • Multiple choice questions answering
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Highlighting the accurate summary
  • Finding and selecting the missing word
  • Highlighting the incorrect words
  • Writing from dictation

Part 1:

Candidates will be tested on their English spoken and written skills, the time for which has been allotted 77-93 minutes for this particular section.

To evaluate English spoken proficiency, candidates will be tested on their ability to understand, pronounce, and gauge English spoken in an academic setting.

The English writing proficiency is then tested by asking candidates to jot down the responses to the academic piece heard along with grammar and spelling accuracy check.

Part 2:

Candidates in this section will be tested on their reading skills.

The test will contain an approx. 15-20 independent skill items which are heavily dependent on the combination of items in a given test. The test includes diverse response formats, multiple-choice questions, re-arranging paragraph pieces, filling in the blanks, and relative responses all summing up to evaluate the candidate’s English listening, reading, and writing skills. PTE Academics is an integrated skill test, candidates will also be assessed based on their written test.

Part 3:

Candidates will be presented with an audio or video clip of any kind which will begin to play automatically once the candidate starts the test. Each clip presented will play only once and the candidate must listen to it carefully. Candidates can take notes as and when they feel.

The audio or video clip comes with volume adjusting features which the candidates can use to make it more convenient for them.