Career Makers Education Consultants is a reputed, experienced and dynamic consulting organization which has a youthful and dedicated panel of faculty to cater to the diverse needs of the student aspiring to continue further education abroad or Immigration possibilities to countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more. We are also one of the leading organization in the entire Western Region, providing Top Class Coaching in Competitive Exams like IELTS & PTE.

For more than a decade now, we have been providing quality guidance in terms of student visa counselling, directed at aspirants who wish to pursue higher education in countries like the USA , Canada(Student Visas & Immigration) Australia(Student Visas & Immigration) , New Zealand , Ireland , Netherlands , Cyprus , France and Canada, all the while also proactively providing training for IELTS & PTE examinations.

We understand that premium educational institutions in different countries are seeking qualitative students who add value to their college/university and the country in which the college/university is located, indirectly. This is one of the pressing reasons why the current norms and regulations for many countries makes competitive examinations like IELTS & PTE a mandatory benchmark which students must clear in order to get their visas successfully.

We have helped thousands of students across India travel to different parts of the globe since our inception, by facilitating the process from our end, which gives us an edge when it comes to tying up with leading companies in foreign education.

How do we do that? Through the veteran guidance of our faculty, staff, and counsellors who themselves have been in the education training industry for decades, catering diligently to renowned universities and colleges across the globe. The expert experience gathered by our crew has, in fact, assisted many a student, understand the culture, methodology and the benefits of foreign education in-depth. We, at Career Makers, have structured 7 branches across India, with our centres widely spread in all major metropolitans and cities near you. This acts as a huge potential for students who are interconnected with other small centres.

Here is where Career Makers Education has an added advantage with our organization functioning as not just, student visa counsellors, but also as a premium platform for result-oriented coaching and training, especially for exams like IELTS & PTE. We have assisted thousands of students over the years by helping them train successfully. Helping them reach their desired destinations with ease. This is what we really call a one-stop-shop for the students pursuing their dreams of studying abroad. Hence, your institution of preference can put their faith in students who have cleared these examinations with flying colours under our purview. We have more than 1200 students thriving under us with IELTS scores ranging from 7.0 bands to above and that is a classic proof that mirrors our quality, endurance, and perseverance. We are aware of the increasing dynamics of competitive exams like IELTS & PTE and acknowledge the fact that clearing one of these exams would not only need brilliance but proficient guidance from experts, as well. This is one of the reasons why we equip our training centres with state-of-the-art infrastructure to churn out quality students like this.

We are also acknowledged worldwide for our expert consultation services aimed towards Australian and Canadian Migration, and our association with MARA helps us climb the success ladder all the more. Hundreds of families have migrated to Canada and Australia through us. Kindly visit the Immigration section for more details of Australia Immigration and Canada Immigration.

We welcome all aspiring students and applicants to be a concrete part of our journey to success.